Free School Visits

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Free School Visits

For students, a farm visit is a great opportunity to see first-hand how and where the food they eat is actually grown and how farmers, as custodians of the countryside, can manage the land sustainably to promote wildlife and protect the environment. It is an enriching experience for young people and can also encourage enthusiasm for careers in agriculture. As well as this, there are benefits for students of all ages of simply being out of the classroom and into the countryside, experiencing the freedom of open spaces and being close to nature.

At Clive and Veronica’s 34-acre tenanted field in Gallowstree Common, they practice regenerative agriculture, encouraging biodiversity and soil health on the land, and are committed to the Government’s Countryside Stewardship Scheme. As part of this scheme, they provide free group visits for young people in education from the ages of 4 to 16. The main purpose of these is to explain the links between farming, conservation and food production.


They tailor each visit to the pupils’ understanding and requirements and include some seasonal practical activities for either primary or secondary levels. Clive and Veronica have, on most of the land, established a herbal ley for sheep grazing and a hay crop, and a smaller area of wildflower meadow to encourage birds and insects, with new hedgerow planting and a small orchard. This gives plenty of opportunity for showing the students an understanding of how a regenerative farm works throughout the different seasons.


If you are a teacher and would like a visit for your students, please contact Clive and Veronica through this website and they’d be happy to book your school in. If you are an interested parent, do please let your child’s school know about this scheme.

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