Austrian Scythes

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Austrian Scythes

The scythe has been used in Britain for more than 2000 years but in the mid-20th century it was replaced by the mower and the strimmer. Now, in the 21st century we are rediscovering the benefits of a quieter, environmentally friendly, less temperamental method, with the pleasant added benefit of smelling cut grass rather than fumes.

Austrian scythes are modern, precision, versatile implements with a long history, they are lighter than traditional English scythes, easy to use and to sharpen. Scythes have a great variety of uses in town and country, gardens, grass verges, allotments, churchyards and nature reserves, even mowing lawns. As well as cutting grass, they can also be used on rough pasture, nettles, bracken, scrub and heathland. 

Clive Leeke

“I first became aware of scythes as a child. My father used to cut the long grass around our apple trees, it seemed effortless as the blade swept through the falling grass. I soon realised how much effort was required when I picked up a heavy English scythe. This image stayed with me throughout my life until I visited the West Country Scythe Festival where I tried out an Austrian Scythe and saw the future. It is light, fully adjustable, effortless and a joy to use. I have completed the SABI Scything Instructor’s Course and I am a teaching member of the Scything Association of Britain and Ireland. 

If you have a small meadow that needs scything, I can offer one-to-one tuition to complete yourself or I can do it for you. I also design, implement and manage wildflower meadows. 

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